Crystal Protein Rhodopsin

The structure of rhodopsin (PDB 1GZM, J. Li) is available as a 3D etching inside a glass brick, 80 x 60 x 120mm (about 4¾" tall). 

At right is the front view, below is the left view.

Rhodopsin and its cousin iodopsin make the business end of the human vision apparatus. These light sensing pigments contort when illuminated, starting a complex cascade of activity that ultimately winds up with your mind thinking it sees something.

At the heart of rhodopsin is a special little molecule, the chromophore retinal (highlighted as wireframe), that snaps to attention when zapped by photons.

The design for this crystal is courtesy of Dr. James Lewis, research chemist with UCSC.

This brick ships with clear rubber feet, to avoid scratches on your desk or mantel.  Without a stand, it works best against a dark background.

Rhodopsin crystal - $85

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This piece ships on a 1-week turnaround, by Federal Express in the United States, or by Air Mail to other countries. 

Rhodopsin front

Rhodopsin left

Long Light Stand

White light stand - $26

This white LED stand fits the rhodopsin crystal in vertical orientation.

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